TTL! Rules & Regulations

1:   Object

  • The object of Twisted Trivia Online   (TTO)    is to answer as many questions  as correctly as possible, as quickly as possible to earn as many points as possible in an effort to make it to the #1 top spot on the leaderboard and be crowned season champion of your respective league.

2:   The QM

  • The QuizMaster, or QM for short,  of Twisted Trivia Online   is Patch Frasca. He created Twisted Trivia Online, and is responsible for all of it. All TTO-related issues should be referred to him.

  • Patch Frasca is the QM pseudonym of Jeremy Frasca. You can say hello to Jeremy by messaging him through the contact tab.

3:   History

  • Twisted Trivia Online  was  in development beginning in 2019, although the idea of it was borne much, much earlier in time. Let's say 2009. Patch had been hosting low-key quiz nights on college campuses. He moved back to NJ & began hosting at O'Hara's Downtown Sports Bar & Grill and then additional venues. Since Patch is no longer able to host live, in-person events, he decided to create TTO so that people could still play his trivia while  in the comfort of their own homes.

4:   How It Works

  • Each competitor will    access    their game through the Play! tab on the official Twisted Trivia Online    website.

  • The Twisted Trivia Online    calendar year consists of 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. Each season consists of 11 weeks with 2  game days per week, one Game  Day being Tuesday and the other being Wednesday, the day after Tuesday.    Each Game Day consists of a question & answer based    game where  all eligible players   play head-to-head against each other simultaneously. While everyone in the TTO field of play plays the same game, each competitor's stats will be monitored against their division rivals.

  • Game Day occurs twice a week: on Tuesday and on    Wednesday. Game Day is always  subject to schedule change at the discretion of the QM; for example, if Christmas Day falls on a  Wednesday, Game Day may be moved ahead of schedule to Tuesday or pushed back to Thursday. The QM will make every effort to notify all competitors in good standing.

  • Game  Time on Game Day  is always begins at 12:00am  Eastern Standard Time and always ends at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time of the same day. Game Time on Game Day is always subject to  schedule change at the discretion of the QM. The Time Window for a competitor to play their game is the length of the game starting from the moment they access the game.  If a competitor accesses their game within that window, they will be able to play. However, if an attempt to access game after 11:59pm EST is made, there is no guarantee access to game will be granted.

  • WARNING! Once the game has been accessed and started, if you exit or leave the website and/or  the screen, you will be automatically logged out & you risk all game progress being    lost. There is no guarantee the quiz will record any progress. However, if any progress is recorded, said progress will be logged and credit will be recorded accordingly.  Unfortunately, if a competitor does not take the quiz on any Game Day, a forfeit will be recorded & the competitor    will earn zero points.

  • Although there is no explicit recorded win/loss column, a    player wins their game by scoring more points than his/her opponents.

  • Game Day results and standings are updated on the Twisted Trivia Online    website after each Game Day; every attempt will be made by the QM to update scores after the Game Day window has closed but before the open of the work day on the following Game Day.

5:   Membership


Twisted Trivia Online    is a private organization. In order to become a TTO    player, one must formally apply to become a player and then successfully be approved by the QM himself. 


Twisted Trivia Online    is not free to join; a player must subscribe and pay dues. As there are 4 seasons in a year, a player may choose  to subscribe for  one season at a time or subscribe for the year in full (in which savings will be passed onto the subscribing player.)


Player dues are good for the season or seasons for which the player subscribed to and paid for. Furthermore, a player's subscription does not end upon the close of the final game day but upon the close of the two week hiatus that follows each TTO    season.


All players   are subject to the same TTO   rules, contained herein, and agree to the terms and conditions of TTO   membership upon payment.


The QuizMaster    reserves the right to deny admission or re-admission to TTO    of any prospective or former player. Players whose memberships expire relinquish the rights and privileges of TTO    membership, and may or may not be allowed  back in to TTO    upon request.

6:   Game Day Structure


Each Game Day Game will be open to access starting at 12:00am EST and access will cease at 11:59pm EST. Once  accessed, the Game screen nor the website can be exited or left without the risk of scoring a forfeit and recording a zero point total for that  Game Day.


Each  Game Day Game consists of 15 questions that all must be answered within a timespan of five (5) minutes. The maximum amount of points that can be earned each game is 20 points.   A competitor cannot proceed to a new question without answering the question prior.   The 15th and Final Question of each game is a Bonus question


The Final Question, which is a Bonus  Question, will be a multiple choice.  10 possible answers to a particular question will be shown. 5 of the 10 possible answers are correct and will be worth 1 point each. Each incorrect choice is worth -1 point.   The maximum score possible  for the Final Question is 5 points. The lowest score possible for the Final Question is -5 points.


 Mathematically speaking, the maximum amount of points that the Game can award is 19 points. However, should a competitor provide all the correct answers, the QM will award  1 and only 1 bonus point, which means a Perfect Game  (which is what all competitors should strive for every Game Day) will be worth 20 points.


The 15 questions will be from various general knowledge categories.  The following is a list of some of the potential categories and a brief description of each:


Science!!!: All things science, from concepts to the tangible and intangible    to proper names, all subject fields included.


World History: Anything pertaining to the formation of the modern world, usually post-Dark Ages when information began to be    recorded 


Sports: Anything from the wide world of sports,  domestic and international, names, records, stats, teams, countries, etc.

Movies:   Award-winners, actors, actresses, directors,  movie music, box office blockbusters & blunders,  domestic and  foreign language

Famous Names:  The names of important individuals who have made contributions in their respective occupational industries

Literature: If you can read it, it can be found here.

Classic Literature:  If you can read it, and it had/has significant cultural/literary/historical importance, it can be found here.

US History:  Anything pertaining to the formation of the United States of America, from  Native American movements to European exploration of  the land all the way through to today.

Art & Fashion:  Everything and anything about art & fashion from artists and their work, periods, styles, and  movements to designers, influences, clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc.

World Geography: Everything about the  epitome of the theater of the world.

US Geography: Everything about the geography  of the 50 United States from  capitals, cities, rivers, land features and more...


There is no guarantee made nor should there be a guarantee expected that the 15 questions will be evenly-balanced in terms of category or difficulty. 

7:   Answering Questions


In most cases, correct spelling is required. The Game software scans your answers for matching text so if an answer is misspelled, it will most likely be recorded as incorrect.   


While the QuizMaster makes every attempt to be perfect for his competitors and makes no claim to be perfect (even though he is), the leniency around the correct answer within which answers are accepted or not is up to the sole discretion of the QM, who scores all matches, and this leniency may vary from question to question for various reasons.


For questions which require the name of a person  for an answer, the last name (surname) is required, and only the last name is required, unless otherwise specified. If a first name is required, anything other than a first name, such as    first initial, is unacceptable.


If a question asks for a name, and a player submits the correct last name with an incorrect first name (e.g. President Isaac    Jefferson), the answer is incorrect. Likewise, if a player submits an answer where names are not in  the correct    order (e.g. Lee Oswald Harvey), the answer is incorrect.


For questions seeking a particular number of answers  from a larger set of possible correct  answers, any more or any less answers, either provided or selected  , than is asked for  will be incorrect!


Example: Name one of the 50 United States of America.
Answer: New Mexico    [This is a correct answer]
Answer: New Mexico & New York [This is an incorrect answer]


Example: Name three of the Backstreet Boys. (First names only acceptable)
Answer:  Howie & Nick   [
This is an incorrect answer]
Answer: Howie, Nick,  & AJ   [ This is a correct answer]

Answer: Howie, Nick, AJ, & Brian   [This is an incorrect answer]


For questions seeking  all  the members of a series or set of answers, all  answers must be correctly  provided or selected.


Example: Identify all of the U.S. states that begin with the letter 'C'.

Answer: California, Connecticut [This is an incorrect answer]

Answer: California, Connecticut, Colorado  [This is the correct answer]
Answer: California, Connecticut, Colorado, Canada  [This is an     incorrect answer]


Unless explicitly stated otherwise, a question whose answer is a person or entity (e.g. "Who is....?", "Identify this person...", "What man...", "What [thing]...") requires the person's/entity's  name  in order to be credited as correct. Any other identifying feature, while perhaps unique, is not sufficient. Exceptions are when the unique identifying feature (such as a title) is clearly the primary way by which the person or entity is known, in which case the title ("Black Dahlia") as well as the name ("Elizabeth Short") are correct.


In cases where the question seeks a name, and the person is in a position where first names alone are standard, then first name alone is sufficient if that person is the first or only person known by that name alone. Otherwise, a number or other uniquely identifying marker is required.


Example: Name the current queen of England.
Answer: Elizabeth II  [This is a correct answer]
Answer: Elizabeth of House of Windsor  [This is a correct answer]
Answer: Elizabeth I  [This is an incorrect answer]
Answer: Elizabeth  [This is an incorrect answer]


Example: Who was the queen of England in the year 1600?
Answer: Elizabeth  [This is a correct answer]
Answer: Elizabeth I  [This is a correct answer]
Answer: Elizabeth II  [This is an incorrect answer]


Players may not use any resources, other than one's brain (and perhaps pencil and paper, as appropriate) to acquire answers or help in obtaining answers. This includes the TTO    website itself. See   Section 17. Cheating

8:   Scoring


Scores are based on the questions that you answer correctly and the number of points you accrue by answering them correctly.


The maximum number of points possible in any  one Game  is 20    points.  Mathematically speaking, the maximum amount of points that the Game can award is 19 points. However, should a competitor provide all the correct answers, the QM will award  1 and only 1 bonus point, which means a Perfect Game  (which is what all competitors should strive for every Game Day) will be worth 20 points.


The scoring methodology has been devised to reward those who genuinely know the answer and deter those who do not know the answer from cheating and falter them accordingly.


Should you forfeit a Game (see Section 17), by not logging in and playing or logging in and then leaving the screen or the website, then you risk recording both a forfeit and zero points which will inevitably hurt your season statistics and your standing on the Leaderboard. 

9:   Standings


As   stated previously, you can view updated TTO    standings as early as the end of the Game Access Window at 9:00pm EST. The QM will make    every effort to update scores, stats, and standings as soon as possible;   usually before the open of the business day  of the  following Game Day.


Your place in the standings determines whether you  make it to the Winner's Circle.   The Winner's Circle is comprised of the   Top 3  ranked competitors in a season. The 4th ranked  competitor will be dubbed "The Woody Recipient," as the prize for coming so close yet not placing Top 3 is a piece of wood.


A player's place in the standings depends on the number of points he or she has earned in cumulative Game Day play or TPE (Total Points Earned - the total number of points earned throughout the season, the higher the better).


Players statistics will be maintained throughout the course of each season they play, so long as they are a player in good standing.


Per cumulative statistics, after  TPE, the standings tiebreakers are as follows, in order of importance:


The first tiebreaker is MCA (Most Correct Answers — the most correct answers over the course of the season, the more the better).

The second tiebreaker is  CBA (Correct Bonus    Answers - the most correct answers to the Bonus/15th Question of each game over the course of the season, the more the better).

The third tiebreaker is    TQT (Total Quizzing Time - the cumulative amount of time you spent completing games, the less the better).

The fourth tiebreaker is  TQBPA (Total of Quizmaster Bonus Points Awarded, the more the better).

The fifth tiebreaker is NIA (Number of Incorrect Answers, the less the better).

The sixth tiebreaker is NUQ (Number of Unanswered Questions, the less the better).


The seventh tiebreaker is PBQ (Perfect Bonus Questions - the cumulative amount of Bonus Questions (15th questions) answered perfectly, the more the better).

The eighth  and final tiebreaker is the dreaded Coin Flip.

  10: TTL! Field of Play & Grouping Structure


The Twisted Trivia Online   Field of Play consists of 2 conferences: The Alpha Conference and the Omega Conference

The Alpha Conference is divided into 4 leagues:    Hammer, Grey,  Sand, and Bull

The Omega Conference is divided into 4 leagues: Black, Kodiak, Grizzly, and  Atlas

Each of the 4 leagues consists of a minimum of   15 players but cannot exceed 25 players


All totaled, there can be a maximum of 200 players in  the 2 conferences at once. 


A player's placement in a particular league in a particular conference    in a given season is determined by the QM at his discretion. Any reallocation of players throughout the season and the year will be done at the discretion of the  QM but usually only to even out the number of players in the leagues at a given time. All leagues will be evaluated at the end of each season and at the end of the calendar year to see if any changes need to be made.


Should there be applicants waiting to become a TTO    member while the field is maxed out at 200 competitors, a waitlist shall be compiled. If a player's viability expires, that is to say their subscription lapses or they voluntarily leave TTO, their spot will be filled by the next person on the waitlist. At the end of each calendar year, the QM will explore the option of expanding the field. 


There is only one champion per league per season - there will be no ties or co-champions crowned). One champion and one champion only!

11:   Tournament Play a.k.a "The  Migliore  Cup"


At the end of each TTO    season,  the stats of the top 3 players from each league will be recorded in the QM's 'Migliore'    journal. At the end of the year,  every individual  player   (multiple wins not withstanding) will be invited to participate in a private challenge where the #1 placed competitor will win the highly coveted "Migliore Cup." 


As the QuizMaster is Italian, the Migliore Cup derives its name from the Italian "il migliore" which translates to "The Best" in English.


The Migliore Cup represents the pinnacle of quizzing and trivia knowledge. Any competitor who is found to be  guilty of besmirching the QM or disrespecting/dishonoring the Migliore Cup will be  banned from ever playing TTO again and will be publicly  humiliated in various circles around the world and the internet. (Note: the only thing more prestigious than the Migliore Cup would be defeating Ken Jennings and/or James Holzhauer in a thrilling game of the QM's favorite quiz show)

12:     Re-entry


If a TTO  player drops out, voluntarily by releasing their spot in the field or involuntarily by lapse of subscription and non-payment of dues, they are  eligible for re-entry given they have not violated Sections  15 through 18 and Section 20.   


While a player may be eligible for re-entry, they may re-enter after a waiting period and only if there is nobody on a waitlist to enter in as a new player.   If there is a waitlist, the player seeking re-entry will be entered on the waitlist and will be granted re-entry when a spot opens up in the field or there is an expansion of the field at the end of the calendar year.

13:     Arguments & Disputes


In Twisted Trivia Online, all arguments & disputes are settled by the QM.  This includes any changes to the rules or structure of the game which may occur at any time.


Anything regarding the correctness or    validity of answers, the QM will hear disputes.  The QM makes no guarantee that he will change anything,  though if he does , do not assume or even think it be or become a regular occurrence . Generally speaking,  answers must be accepted as is. This rule is known as the 'Omnishambles    Clause'.

14:   Omnishambles Clause


The QM reserves the right to ignore any complaints or disputes. If you think the answer for a given question is incorrect or incomplete, you could very well be right, but the QM may not change it for whatever reason.


The QM's decisions are final, his rulings are absolute, and his judgements are beyond recall.


The QM  feels terrible about the   pain that this may cause. While it is imperative that    fairness rules in all aspects of the league,  all must accept that there will invariably be times and instances where apparently legitimate disputes and issues cannot or will not be addressed to the satisfaction of everyone. In reality, these situations are rare, and the QM works hard to minimize them. 

15:   Help & Assistance, Which Will Always Be Construed As Cheating


The number one rule of Twisted Trivia Online: Competitors must not use any external resources to assist in acquiring answers to Game   Day questions. 


This includes, but is not limited to, asking others, using the internet or any computer for research or facilitation purposes (this includes the Twisted Trivia Online   website itself, and also includes copying question text to be pasted elsewhere), using books or any other reference materials of any kind, using musical instruments, calculators, or any other tools or implements. Basic writing implements and paper are allowed; aside from paper and basic    writing implements,  the only other device, object, instrument, resource, etc. one may use is their    own brain, as in the one inside their cranium.


This rule applies for the purposes of answering questions while utilizing the Twisted Trivia Online    website in any form, fashion, and manner. 

16:   The  Siberian   Condition


Any player who violates any item within Section 15 or 18  will be ineligible to participate further in Twisted Trivia Online.   There is absolutely zero tolerance for any violations of any subsection of Section 15 & 18.    Warnings cannot  and will not be given and there is no process for appeal.


While there is obviously no way to monitor the honesty of all players, and while TTO   is not technologically advanced enough to prevent all cheating, the  QM wishes that the common integrity and spirit of fairness shared by all playing TTO  will keep the scourge of cheating at bay.


Any person who has received any sanction for dishonest play in any other organized competition (online trivia or otherwise) or has otherwise been demonstrated to have participated unfairly, is not eligible to join TTO, and any member in such a scenario will be asked to withdraw from the league. The determination of an organized competition or community to fit the definition for this rule is done at the discretion of the QM, and there is no opportunity for appeal.


Abuse directed at another TTO   member is not tolerated, and is grounds for immediate termination of TTO   membership and dues will not refunded. There is no opportunity for appeal.


Anyone who has behaved poorly  and was involuntarily and forcibly removed from    another community for abusive behavior, misconduct, or other policy violations is not eligible to join TTO, and any member in such a scenario may be forced to leave, with or without warning.


Players who leave TTO    due to the violations contained in Sections 15    and 18 are not entitled to any refund of member    dues.

17:     Forfeiting


Forfeiting is something that should never happen in the TTO. It is the responsibility of each player and competitor to never forfeit if they can help it. It is also the responsibility of each player and competitor to give it their all and try their best.


If a player forfeits a match    by not attempting to play the game on Game Day    or failing to play at all, that player will record zero points and a  forfeit for that Game Day.


It is at the discretion of the QuizMaster as to how a forfeit can be construed. If any player makes, what the QM might consider in good judgement  to be, a careless attempt at playing the game, the QM reserves the right to adjust a player's score to reflect a forfeit.


If a player cannot play a game on a particular Game Day, they should contact the QM.  The QM, in some cases, may allow a player to play the Game  due to their scheduling conflict if enough prior notice is supplied. The QM reserves the right to approve or  reject a player's request.


If a player reaches  out to the QM but is not allowed to play the Game for any reason, the player will earn 0 points but will not be charged with a forfeit.


Excessive forfeitures  are an absolute disgrace to TTO.  If a player forfeits 3 or more games in a season, they risk having their membership revoked.

18:   Trash Talkin'


Don't be a jerk, a prick,  an asshole, or worse, all 3, and treat everyone with respect, dignity and courtesy and things between you and the QM will be fine. Aside from cheating, abuse and    disrespect are not tolerated.